Day 6 – Fisher Wallace CES Stimulator

As of yesterday morning (Tuesday, 7/16) I was semi-stable, but again couldn’t report on the effectiveness of CES as I had taken clonazepam (Monday, 7/15) to quell insomnia and legs. I used the device around 10:30 am (Tuesday, 7/16) and then again around 3 pm (Tuesday, 7/17). I then had a network consulting gig I had to go to and ended up being there from 4 pm until 1 am (Wednesday, 7/17). At this time I utilize the CES device and then immediately fell asleep (no clonazepam). I was pretty exhausted both emotionally and physically from the day – both before and including the consulting.

I was awoken at 8 am (Wednesday, 7/17) this morning for a meeting and rose without difficulty, I found myself fairly stable. I used the CES stimulator around 9 am. Overall, my situation has been stable – though there is a low-lying and deep sick feeling within my gut and my heart.

The situational aspects of this illness have changed (not gone away, and not necessarily for the better, just different). I think I am a bit in ’emotional dead’ realm right now due to the IT consulting – I can’t let down clients, so I have to push what I feel aside and just focus on the task at hand. Also, I’ve been so busy – between the consulting and other responsibilities that I haven’t had a chance to really feel.

I’m hoping today’s consulting gig will go well and the project will be finished and I’ll be able to promise some more tomorrow (Thursday, 7/18).

Conclusions regarding the CES Stimulator: I do not think I have felt as continuously bad as I would without the CES device, but I have felt really awful. It is going to be difficult to derive any useful data from these days – but I’m going to continue to record them b/c they may prove useful when aligned next to data from a more stable me using the device in the future.

[I know this post isn’t the usual format, I usually write throughout the day, but with the business of yesterday I am recapping everything as I remember it after the fact.]

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