Day 8 – Fisher Wallace CES Stimulator

7/18 – 8:45 AM Report

Slept restfully, but utilized clonazepam to do so. Used the CES at Level 4. Feeling emotionally drained.

7/18 – 5:00 PM Report

Didn’t get a chance to utilize CES in the afternoon. Day has been exceptionally rough – a lot of weeping. I think I’ve experienced/expressed more emotions in the last few days than in the rest of my life combined. I leave to perform consulting work…

7/19 – 12:00 AM Report

The network install has been “from hell.” This would be frustrating normally, but it is crushing when I am already struggling. Thankfully my brother Paul came for the last two hours and gave me a hand.

Technically, I only used the CES device once on 7/18, b/c I didn’t get home until after midnight…but I did use the CES device before going to bed.

7/19 – 10:00 AM Report

The night was miserable. Going to bed at 1 am, I tossed and turned until 3 am, then was up until 5 am, when I finally fell back asleep for a few hours.

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