Days 9 – Fisher Wallace CES Stimulator

I’m going to make an entry just for the sake of not missing a day. The 19th of June was an okay day. I didn’t sleep much throughout the night and was still having various issues with the network install I was working on – which added stress.

I talked to Pastor Bob Sheldon, who served as youth pastor at First Baptist Church of Westerlo when I was a teenager. I’d consider him a key influencer in my life – one of perhaps a half-dozen people who greatly affected (positively) my thoughts and living. It was good to speak with him again and encouraging as he prayed with me.

I’ve been reading a lot. Finished another book. Sometimes I organize books or other things. It makes me feel better.

Still using the CES device at least twice daily at Level 4. Just FYI, this is an FDA approved device with solid scientific research and evidence to back it up.

Overall, it was a difficult day. I had that sick, angst feeling in my chest again…but this was more internal, less external signs of grief…

I continue to think the CES device is having a positive impact on my mood overall and hope that as I continue to stabilize I’ll be able to better report on its efficacy.

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