Days 10 & 11 – Fisher Wallace CES Stimulator

Gahhh…I was doing so well with recording for the first few days, but I’ve really slacked off. I think the consulting work has put a lot of extra stress on me (especially since several portions of the project went sideways) and I just haven’t been tracking my usage or emotional state well.

That said, I think I’ve finished with all the critical issues – though there is still a significant amount of work to be done – it hopefully isn’t of the crisis sort.

Saturday (7/20) I started the day off consulting and thus forgot to use the CES, I missed the opportunity to use the CES in the afternoon, but did utilize it around 9:30 p.m.

Sunday (7/21) I prepared for church – shower, shave, dress, brush teeth, take medication, final preparations – and by the time I finished these I had run out of time to use the CES.

Church went well, Will and Kyle did a great job leading worship and the Hultslanders were in from California to share about their ministry and to give the message – which meant I didn’t have to do much at all – which was a providential relief.

After church we had a congregational meeting. I held up okay but had to disappear for a little while afterwards. Then back over to Finger Food Fellowship. After this Charity and I went to Panera Bread with the Hultslanders.

As soon as we finished lunch with the Hultslanders (which was enjoyable and encouraging) we headed back to the house to quickly change and then over to Core Creek Park to celebrate Dan and Christina’s marriage.

Charity had dinner with a friend, so we scooted back home by 5:30. By this time it was too late to use the CES device and still be able to use it again before I went to bed, so I held off and am just using the device now (beginning around 10 pm). I coped (read: nap, reading, organizing) for a while till Charity return home from dinner and we watched a movie together – it was a comedy, but I have a hard time laughing at comedies when I’m in the best of moods.

So, I have another 1.5 hours or so before sleep should take me for the night…and tomorrow morning I’ll try to “pull my crap together” and launch back into life. You gotta return to the real world at some point right?

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