Day 12 – Fisher Wallace CES Stimulator

7/22 – 8:30 AM Report

I took clonazepam, as I knew I’d have problems falling asleep and I slept restfully throughout the night.

I gave myself a self-imposed ultimatum to try and pull it together and “get back on the horse” today – and things begin to a good start.

I’m trying to just catch up and organize. I do the mundane tasks of life – breakfast, medication, shower, brush teeth; utilize the CES device at Level 4; organize personal finances and write up the congregational meeting minutes.

7/22 – 11:30 AM Report

I’m still doing pretty well. Three little smiling faces show up at my front door (Justin, Jessica, and Ethan). After setting them up inside I head outside. Mike G. has dropped by with a mower and weedwacker and together we knock out the lawn in under two hours.

It is good to get some physical exercise and I appreciate Mike stopping by and the opportunity to talk for a few minutes. I also enjoy the kids. Kids smile so much, get excited over such small things (cats), and are so talkative.

The lawn is covered with poison ivy so it is time for another shower and a prayer that God will keep me from turning into one swollen mass (thankfully, I haven’t broken out).

7/22 – 4:00 PM Report

I take a break, watch a TV show and take a nap. I follow in the tradition of Winston Churchill and JFK in believing naps should last 1.5-2 hours, today’s is 1.5.

Naps are more frequent when I’m depressed (they are one of the only ways I can turn off my brain), but this is more of a regular-part-of-life nap. Ever since my health issues I’ve had to take a nap a day; but even before that I found naps a regular part of my life.

They say our brains use something like 30% of our energy each day – and I imagine mine uses more. Not b/c I’m smarter than anyone else but b/c of my OCD and ADD – which are essentially my brain constantly running in overdrive (unfortunately, in non-productive ways).

Being in the pastorate has been a blessing for my physical health. While I work more hours, I have more flexibility in my schedule. I work more on weekends and nights, so I can take the occasional nap in the middle of the day.

I use the CES device again at Level 4. Again, no issues. I am still doing fairly well.

7/22 – 11:30 PM Report

I headed over to the church around 5 pm to work on some paperwork before Nomads. Met up with John B. for a short time, successfully mounted my monitors on new risers, and at 6:30 transitioned to Nomads. Which went well and always brings a lot of laughter to me. Teenagers are crazy, funny, and energetic…and I have some great yg leaders (Kyle, Cayla, Taylor).

Home by 9:30 I spend the rest of the evening reading – whether print or online and before bed utilize the CES device – which is only operating at Level 3 tonight for unknown reasons. I suspect Angel M. has been praying that it will operate at lower levels!!!

I’m ready for sleep. I feel a certain sadness and weight descending upon my shoulders – but this isn’t unusual and overall it has been a good and productive day.

7/23 – Postscript

I went to bed last night using only the CES and slept peacefully throughout the night. It stormed like crazy, but personally, I always find these storms relaxing. I awoke to the phone ringing from someone in need – and even though it was a little earlier than I had planned to arise I feel fairly refreshed and awake and optimistic that today will be another productive day.

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