Day 13 – Fisher Wallace CES Stimulator

7/23 – 9:00 AM Report

Slept well last night, can’t remember if I took any clonazepam though…Yes, my memory isn’t the best, no it has not deteriorated since using the CES device. Some of you may remember how it took me two or three months to learn your name at church…I’ve gotten much better with practice, but my memory has always been lousy.1One of the reasons I read so much. I read multiple books on the same topic, a lot oozes out and I can’t remember, but each time, some sticks.

Used the CES device though it was still only operating at Level 3, can’t get it to Level 4. Am feeling decent – this is my third productive day in a row (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday).

7/23 – 11:30 PM Report

I went to the church office to work and accomplished a decent bit. I’m still doing pretty well – though issues with Bluehost have been a bit stressful. But that is transient, this-is-life stuff.

I had a meeting with a bunch of wonderful people at 7 pm and rather than go home, eat, use the CES, and return – I took a nap in a dark corner of the church, did more preparation, and then went to the meeting…so I didn’t get to use the CES device in the afternoon.

However, when I did go to use the CES device this evening I had the bright idea of switching out the batteries for the CES. It had only been reaching Level 3, which I was blaming on Angel M.’s prayers, which may be the case – but it also turned out the batteries were low.

Now, I thought it was supposed to just let you know when the batteries were low so you could change them, but it didn’t, other than not being able to get to Level 4. So I changed out the batteries and everything worked just fine (back at Level 4).

The CES device takes two batteries (AA). Rough guestimate is that they last for around 30 uses at 20 mins. per use (or approximately 10 hours). These were the Duracell batteries that were included with the unit. I replaced them with new Duracell batteries. I’ll try different battery manufacturers as I go along to see if any give me significantly better life.


I’m holding in there – which makes me a bit nervous. Sometimes after a few days I fall apart. Thus far, that hasn’t happened – but you never know! Today (7/24) has been productive and a bit exhausting thus far; but not a bad day.

I have noticed a few negative thoughts (ANTs) entering my brain – but they have been easily resistible and not persistent (as opposed to when my obsessive-compulsive disorder is in full swing and they charge like an army of LoTR orcs in unending waves…until Gandalf comes to save the day). I also have ongoing vocal tics – but they are very minor (and something I’ve had for years, not induced by the CES). What? I have vocal tics? Yes, but I’m pretty good at controlling them in public, so you may never have seen me have one.


1One of the reasons I read so much. I read multiple books on the same topic, a lot oozes out and I can’t remember, but each time, some sticks.

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