Day 15 – Fisher Wallace CES Stimulator

7/25 – 9:00 AM Report

Not doing well. Utilize CES and take medications, but I’m pretty much useless.

7/25 – 11:00 PM Report

A day right out of hell. I read a decent bit, had a few conversations – but otherwise I was a blob. Used CES before going to sleep, went to sleep before midnight, slept through the night, and did not take any sleep medication.

CES Postscript

This morning I am feeling better. Variations in mood certainly appear to be caused by situational rather than biological underpinnings. On the other hand, my use of the CES has been less frequent/consistent than it was up to this point. It is hard to tell whether the inconsistency with the CES results in mood instability or whether the mood instability results in inconsistency with the CES.

General Postscript

This “storm” lasted around 48 hours (Tuesday evening – Thursday evening). This is hopeful to me. I’m used to, and have adapted to, living with a “storm” once a week that lasts 24-36 hrs. I can be “functional” and “productive” if I have only one storm a week and its duration is short. I can’t be functional or productive if I have multiple storms each week and they are lasting in duration.

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