Day 45 – Fisher Wallace CES Report.

I didn’t fall asleep before midnight on the 23rd, so (obviously) I was awake at midnight and beyond on the 24th. I was up until 2 am and then went to sleep. This time was spent reading psychology articles (mainly on attachment theory) and a group discussion via Facebook (which I almost never partake in, but this one was humorous and enjoyable).

I took clonazepam and fell asleep. The day was not particularly eventful consisting of the-every-day (shower, meals, medications, etc.), helping Vicki move (with Angel & Kyra), relaxing (nap, TV), and sermon preparation. I used the CES device in both the morning and evening and took clonazepam again to sleep around 11:30 and was out before midnight.

Yesterday was a good day. Two good days in a row. [and today, at least thus far, has been a decent day].

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