Day 46 – Fisher Wallace CES Report.

The 25th was a Sunday. Sunday’s are busy for me. I love preaching, but it is also exhausting. Afterwards we have finger food fellowship and its time to chat – something I’m not the past at. I do well one-on-one or in small groups. I think it is b/c I feel nervous that I’m “ignoring” someone. Probably doesn’t have to be that way – if I become less sensitive to offending others while at the same time continuing to seek the best for others, I might not struggle with that as much.

I haven’t been able to take naps recently. On Sunday I took two naps one from 3:15-3:45 (30 mins.) and another from 6:30-7:00 (30 mins.). Usually my naps are two hours long. What is happening to me? I don’t know, but I don’t mind that much. More time to GTD…Which can become a problem in itself, which is why I love the book Margin.

I did a good bit of reading. I’m trying to divide the Scriptures up into seven years for a complete study…which means reading through the entire Scriptures. I’m making good progress and enjoying it along the way. Some stories I haven’t read for a while (especially in the OT) are refreshed and new nuances jump out at me – especially a lot of references Christ makes in the New Testament that are essentially quotations or at least allusions to something in the Old Testament.

I watch TV, change the litter boxes (I’m getting good at this with these roll over boxes, I can clean all three boxes downstairs in five to ten minutes and w/out puking from the smell), do the weekly financials checkup, and blahh blahh.

Around 11:30 I use the CES (I did not get to use it in the morning) and take clonazepam, since I’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping at night (not just naps).

Today was a decent day. Not a good day, but a decent day. I still feel the darkness looming in around me, but it did not overwhelm and I was fairly productive.

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