Day 2 – Fluoxetine and Buproprion

On the 29th I was feeling listless/depressed from 12-12:30 and was unable to sleep. I took clonazepam and quickly drifted off.

When I awoke in the morning I was doing fine. I even shaved – one of the mundane tasks I hate the most. I took my medications.

Jon Hui called me and provided me with this straight-to-the-point no-nonsense counsel – which I’ve learned to appreciate, especially since it has been Jon who for years has been the one who actively ensured our friendship remained.

I talked to a Christian counselor. He is located around an hour away but agreed to see me via Skype. I think this guy could be really good for me – but I knew that if I had to drive an hour each way, I’d soon give up – I hate driving so much. The guy has experience with CBT, EFT, and OCD – which is important in my case. So, I’m looking forward to my first virtual appointment today.

Chik-Fil-A with Will Millar for lunch. By the time I arrived home (12:30 pm) I was exhausted (no, not b/c of lunch with Will). I took a nap like I haven’t taken in a few weeks – nearly three hours. I attribute this to not being on the adderall, this will be a significant problem if it continues – but I’ll give it some time and see if my body adjusts.

I haven’t been doing exercise on a regular basis recently – but I’m trying to pick it up again. My “exercise” is pretty wimpy – walk and read – but it burns calories and gets me outdoors.

I took another short nap (30 mins) and then had dinner with John Broglin.

Most of the rest of the day was spent working on church related tasks. I haven’t finished reading through the entire Scriptures and dividing it into weekly readings – but by the end of the night I had done enough that the number of readings it will take is under the number of weeks in seven years. [In other words, this is a good thing…I don’t really care to go on and explain it further.]

Overall, I’d say it was a good day. I went to look at my journal where I keep a record of my emotional experiences, and I didn’t record anything yesterday – which indicates that I was doing fairly well – as I usually only write when I’m struggling and I usually do write if I’m struggling.

Not to say the day didn’t have its difficult moments, but it continued the pattern of decent/good days I’ve been experiencing for almost a week now.

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