Day 10 – Fluoxetine and Wellbutrin

Saturday (9/7). I took 100 mg Wellbutrin XL (extended release) in the am along with 60 mg Prozac (fluoxetine). I’ve decided on a new metric for measuring my depression – I think I’ll call it SHAVE. If I shave, then I must not be very depressed – if I cannot bring myself to shave even though I should – I must be pretty depressed. Okay, I’m joking – well, at least halfway. I did shave not only my facial hair but also my head – first with one of those noisy electric things the barber uses and then with a razor…so I must not have been that depressed.

I stayed busy in the morning, external factors caused me to experience disruption/depression – to which my response was to sleep – which I did for around 2 hrs. Then it was time for the Nomads Geek Night (which was really afternoon) which went well (though I taught on a lot of material I should have kept for later, but live and learn).

Then it was time for sermon preparation (and a second dose of Wellbutrin XL) – which would continue throughout the rest of the evening with a few breaks. I’d attempt to go to sleep at 11 pm, which was a bad idea like usual, but I did sleep until almost 2 am (9/8).

I did decently well throughout the evening – including during sermon preparation – which sometimes can cause me to spiral into depression when I think too much for too long.

So, not a bad day, not a great day – but a decent day. Some patches of depression, but overall fairly stable and productive.

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