The Voice

[This is lies…]

“Your thoughts. Your feelings. Your desires. They are not acceptable, they are bad. Stop thinking. Stop feeling. Stop desiring. Think this way, not that way. You do not have a right to think this way, you must think that way.”

“Sinner. You are a sinner. You are bad. You are evil. You are deplorable. You need to be punished. Punish. I will punish you.”

“You make me this way. You make me so made when you aren’t righteous. It is your fault I am this way. It is your fault I am so angry. It is your fault I am screaming. I will teach you to be righteous. I will mold you after my image. You will be righteous, the only question is how much pain you’ll have to suffer to get there. Give in now, stop holding out, you need to give in. I will punish.”

“Don’t embarrass me. You cannot embarrass me. You cannot have flaws b/c that would embarrass me. You must be perfect. You must be desirable. You must be commendation-worthy. Others must look up to me b/c of what they see in you.”

“You disappoint me. You let me down. You make me feel this way. I will not and cannot stop feeling this way until you stop making me feel this way. It is your fault I feel this way. You cannot think, feel, desire this way b/c it makes me feel this way. You are hurting me, you must stop.”

“I am your master. You must obey me with complete and utter dependency. No, do not think, do not question, do not ask why – do what I say, do it now. The world is dangerous. Too dangerous. You will die. You will die without me. I will keep you safe…but you can only be safe if you do what I say, now, forever. Do it. Do it now.”

“You are selfish. You are wrong. You are bad. You cannot relax. You cannot enjoy. You have to work harder. Work harder to make the selfishness cease. Work harder to be right. Work harder to be good. Relaxation is not for now. You cannot relax. You cannot take a break. Work harder, do more.”

“There is nothing you can’t achieve. You disappoint me for not achieving more. Why won’t you do more? Come on, get off your lazy butt. You can do more. Do more. Do more now. The only reason you fail is b/c you are lazy, lazy, lazy. You are bad b/c you fail. If you were good you would not fail. Do better.”

“There is nothing left for us. There is nothing left for you. It is all too important. Give it to God, God, God. You can’t have fun. That is bad. No, don’t do that. Bad.”

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