Day 20 – Fluoxetine & Wellbutrin.

Tuesday (Sept. 17th)

I started off the day with a great breakfast (thanks to Charity) shared with Charity, Jonah, Paul, and Kiki. I spent the rest of the day running around accomplishing various tasks. In the evening Jonah and I watched a movie and then I did some IT consulting work. This one job seems to never end, it drives me a little crazy. 😛 But, all in all, it was a fine day. I maintained equilibrium, I took my medications, and so on.

I have two possible side effects to the Wellbutrin. One is that my nose seems to be dry lately and I also get headaches sometimes…but this could be b/c of the changing temperatures rather than the Wellbutrin. Taking some generic headache medication seems to relieve the headache – and it isn’t all day, just for a few hours (if I don’t take medication). I have been having this for the past few days, but didn’t think anything of it at first.

The second possible side effect is that I’m hungry all the time. I’ve gained back ten out of the fifteen pounds I’ve lost over the last several months – which is a real bummer. But, I suspect this is caused by the absence of Adderall in my system (which acts as an appetite suppressant), especially since Wellbutrin usually causes weight loss rather than weight gain (though I think it is more “weight neutral”, whereas Adderall frequently causes weight loss due to appetite suppression).

I’m trying not to be discouraged by that. To focus on taking walks each day…starting to ramp up for the 7 minute workout – though I’m going to start with just two of the exercises and then add additional ones as time goes on and I’m not dying the next day. I’m also trying to eat healthier. I’ve moved to Ensure Complete which offers Omega-3 and other ingredients to provide a more balanced nutrition. I’m only using this perhaps once a day, for the past few months I have used it up to twice a day…but it isn’t filling me up (probably due to Adderall not being there) like it used to and it packs a decent caloric load (340 calories I think for the complete version, 250 for the others).

I’m trying to eat a decent number of canned soups. Yeah, I know it isn’t the best – but you can eat an entire can (which has meat and veggies) and hit only 200 calories but it is still pretty filling.

I’m also trying to keep stocked on fruits and vegetables and I did pick up a bunch more of the V8 VFusion fruit/vegetable smoothies – which taste great and are 100% fruit/vegetable juice.

Still *really* holding out for Soylent.

Even though I only took a one hour nap during the day, I wasn’t able to fall asleep and was up until 4:30 am (9/18). I attempted to do some work on my sites during the day / night which ended up being fairly frustrating, but I think I coped with the problems fairly well, not getting nearly as frustrated as I have in the past.

Chronic pain is still a problem, but it wasn’t particularly awful.

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