Day 21 – Fluoxetine & Wellbutrin.

On Wednesday (9/18) I had pretty bad insomnia. I tried to sleep from 12 am – 2:20 am, but mainly tossed and turned. I ended up staying up until 4:30 am. I woke up again for the day at 8 am. I’ve been working on resolving some issues with some of my sites (which included OCD Dave), this was a bit frustrating.

My first real responsibility of the day was meeting Dick and Angel to work on church accounting. This meeting was productive and I’m excited to see how things will move forward as we begin implementation.

In the afternoon I crashed. Being up most of the night finally took its toll, and I fell asleep for almost 3.5 hrs.

I’d already been working on materials for Renewal in the previous days and during the night – but I had more to do – so I worked on that some more. Then it was time for dinner at Kevin and Angel’s which was fun and delicious (no surprise), then over to the church for Renewal.

We introduced Renewal, the Prophetic Books, and ourselves. Next week we’ll dive into the first four chapters of Amos. Renewal went well – though it didn’t take as long as I had expected to work through the introductory materials. I was home again by 9 pm.

Had a prolonged conversation with Jonah on a difficult topic. I appreciated the questions he asked and the thoughts he shared – but by the end I was feeling beat. Its weird, but mental/emotional exertion takes a heavy toll on my energy levels.

I forced myself to stay up though, b/c I knew if I went to bed before midnight I wouldn’t sleep through the night. I ended up sleeping until 1 am (9/19), but that is earlier than it has been of late and I then slept through the night.

Medications were taken as usual. I didn’t notice as much in regards to headache or dryness. I was emotionally stable throughout the day – though a few times I felt a little overwhelmed as my mind flitted to responsibilities I have. For example, I’m really looking forward to the baptism – but I’m also pretty nervous about it.

Its funny, b/c traditionally I wouldn’t think I was “nervous” – but I’m trying to connect my feelings to real world occurrences when possible – and I realize that I am anxious about the baptism. Everything will be fine.

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