Day 22 – Fluoxetine & Wellbutrin.

I went to sleep at 1 am. In the morning I had a meeting with Cassandra and Cayla to discuss marketing endeavors for the church – this was productive – and I am very thankful for the many gifted and committed individuals Christ has put at CCC. We may be small in numbers, but I am always blessed by the many who take on responsibilities and projects – and many who have done so for years.

I did a lot of office work throughout the day and also some IT consulting. I got in my “walk and read” exercise. I went to sleep around 11:45 pm.

I took my medications as usual. I took one two hour nap. I didn’t experience any noticeable side effects.

I did struggle a little in the afternoon/evening with feeling down – but this lasted a few hours and was mildly perhaps moderately discomfiting – so both length and intensity were a lot less than they have been for most of my life past.

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