Days 31, 32 – Fluoxetine & Wellbutrin.


Saturday was a busy day that began early. I woke at 6 am without prompting. I don’t like awakening this early – I know it means I’ll need a longer nap or multiple naps during the day, but might as well make the best of it.

Most of my day is spent making preparations for Sunday. I do take a nap (2.5 hrs.) and am tired by 10:30 but attempt to fall asleep unsuccessfully and end up staying awake until 1:30 am.

Medication dosages are taken as usual, no noticeable side effects. I’ve also been taking a multivitamin for the last several weeks.

I am in a stable and productive mood. I am not “happy” but neither am I “down”.


Up at 7:30. Preach my shortest sermon, enjoy the brunch following the service. I felt a bit anxious in the morning, I still feel so in the afternoon. Have an intern meeting, then back home where I fall asleep for three hours…after which I become very productive until 9:30 pm, at which time I relax until midnight when I go to sleep.

I took my morning medications as normal, but due to the brunch and the meeting I didn’t take my second dose of Wellbutrin until later in the afternoon. This is not preferable as it does seem to interfere with my already limited ability to sleep.

The morning and afternoon I am unstable in mood. I feel anxious – but I know this is transitory – and so I seek to continue functioning as normal. It does pass. I become stable emotionally, again neither happy nor sad, though perhaps a bit on the positive side due to the heightened productivity.


I’m reading C.G. Jung’s autobiography and I find him absolutely fascinating. I almost can’t put it down. This has been a large part of my “relaxation” over the past few days. Jung’s description of his inner life, of his theology, and of his psychological theories fascinates me.

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