Day 33 – Wellbutrin & Fluoxetine


While I was more stable Sunday evening, I was still feeling an underlying off-kilter. My legs were bothering me and I couldn’t fall asleep. I went grocery shopping at Redner’s at 1:30 am. A counselor had suggested that supplementing my magnesium might help with the insomnia – and I needed to get groceries anyways – so why not?

I took the magnesium, read Jung’s auto-biography for nearly an hour, and slipped off into sleep. I was up by 8 and began a fairly busy day. In the late morning I took Jonah and Leslie to see Kiki at the mall, then all of us went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch.

In the evening is Nomads. I’ll be up till 1:30 am Monday. The End.


I take my medications as prescribed – though I don’t take the Wellbutrin until around 1:30 pm due to being out. I’m also taking a daily multivitamin and now a magnesium supplement. The magnesium supplement I take an hour or two or less before I go to sleep at night (or try to go to sleep).

I’m feeling some level of internal distress. I’m having some scrupulous thoughts. I feel a bit depressed, but it comes in waves – I’ll feel depressed for a little bit, then energized and hopeful. It isn’t too bad.

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