Ohh, Sweet Sleep, Are You Reconciled to Me?

Last night I became exhausted around 10 pm, which is not unusual, but which I usually resist due to the knowledge that I will awake in the middle of the night and be unable to sleep again…but this time the sleepiness was so overwhelming that I caved and fell asleep.

I remember Charity coming into the room at some point to tell me something, and usually such an interruption would wake me and I’d be unable to fall asleep again – but in this case I quickly fell back asleep. I slept throughout the entire night without interruption, awaking before 8 am without an alarm going off.

I slept for nearly ten hours. Now, I do not want to sleep ten hours every night – but I do want to sleep throughout the night – and I would not be surprised if I have some sleep debt to make up from years of not getting enough sleep.

This is the first time this has happened in an extremely long time (I cannot remember the last time). I have been taking magnesium supplements since Monday before I go to bed (including last night) so perhaps they are working? One night is too little data – I’ll need to see if the pattern occurs across several weeks – but still, it is a ray of light in the midst of my often sleepless nights…

And perhaps…just perhaps…if I was able to sleep well throughout the night I would reduce or eliminate my need for naps during the day…we shall see.

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