Fisher Wallace – Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation – Day 2.2

Conflating Variables

  • I had run out of Adderall XR and did not pick up my refill until later in the afternoon. Taking the medication at that juncture may have resulted in an inability to sleep tonight, so I did not take it.


  • The Zeo kept track for part of the night, but then seems to have conked out. It gave me a ZQ of 39 (very low), but I suspect this is due to issues with the sensor rather than my sleep actually being poor.
  • The FitBit saw my sleep efficiency as being 90% (pretty good).
    • It took me 7 min. to fall asleep.
    • I awoke 35 times throughout the night (yikes!).
    • While I was “in bed” for 9 hrs. and 39 min., (I don’t usually sleep that long, but yesterday I was extremely tired at night) I actually slept for 8 hrs. 36 mins. (a difference of roughly 1 hr.).
  • I used the CES device around 11 pm on Tuesday (1/7), I subjectively felt that this increased my sleepiness.
  • I used the CES device again around 10 am on Wednesday (1/8).
  • I’m not going to rerun the anxiety and depression tests on a daily basis. Subjectively, I do not feel that there has been any significant change in my depression or anxiety levels.

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