Fisher Wallace – Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation – Day 2.3

Conflating Variables

  • I did not have the opportunity to utilize the CES device on Thursday morning (1/9).
  • I drove into and out of Philadelphia twice – for me, this is very heavy driving (and I don’t like driving).


  • The Zeo again had issues. I may abandon it until I can get a new sensor if it doesn’t work correctly tonight. It again gave a ZQ of 39 (low).
  • The FitBit rated my sleep efficiency at 96% – 6% better than yesterday.
    • It again took me 7 min. to fall asleep.
    • I awoke 13 times during the night, which seems high, but is a significant improvement over the previous night’s 35!
    • I was “in bed” for 9 hrs. 18 min. but actually slept for 8 hrs. 47 min. – this means closer to 30 minutes was “wasted” – better than the 1 hr. the previous day.
      • I don’t know why I have been so exhausted. But I’ve been going to bed early and sleeping longer than usual, this started before using the CES.
  • I used the CES device around 11 pm on Wednesday (1/8).
  • I did not use the CES device on Thursday morning (1/9).
  • I have not re-tested myself using the anxiety or depression scales. Subjectively, I’d say that my anxiety and depression were both lower than they have been for the past few days…though they are still significant and noticeably present.

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