Fisher Wallace – Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation – Day 2.4

Conflating Variables

  • I rode my recumbent bike in two separate sessions a total of 3.5 hrs.
  • I forgot to wear my Zeo headband, so I have no ZQ for last night.


  • The FitBit again rated my sleep efficiency at 96% (same as Thursday, 1/09).
    • It took me 6 min. to fall asleep (1 min. shorter than previously).
    • I awoke 12 times during the night – this was less than 13 yesterday and much less than the 35 two nights prior.
    • I was “in bed” for 7 hrs. 53 min. and “actually sleeping” for 7 hrs. 27 mins. In other words, I spent less time in bed, but around the same amount overall actually sleeping as the previous day.
      • It is worth noting that I took three naps today. One after my 5 pm cut-off time (as it usually makes it difficult for me to sleep at bed time) b/c I was so sleepy.
  • I used the CES device around 11 pm on Thursday (1/9).
  • I did not use the CES device on Friday morning (10/10).
  • My Ivan Goldberg Depression Screening Test result came back at 38 (Moderate/Severe Depression) – but that is four points less than my initial baseline on 1/8.
  • My David Burns Anxiety Test came back at 45 (Severe Anxiety), which was nine points higher than on 1/8.
    • Subjectively, I felt more anxious at the original baseline test than I do now.

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