Fisher Wallace – Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation – Day 2.7

Conflating Variables

  • Had a difficult meeting in the morning that was draining.
  • Did not ride recumbent, strained muscles at Nomads during games…guess I need to stretch more.
  • I did not use the CES in the morning, but did use it in the evening.


  • According to FitBit my sleep efficiency was 93%, on the low end of normal for me.
    • It took me 4 min. to fall asleep (this is short).
    • I was awakened 21 times (this is up, but still not as high as when I first began measuring).
    • I was in bed for 8 hrs. 56 mins., actual sleep was 8 hrs. 14 mins. This is long for me to be in bed (I’ve been going to bed earlier due to fatigue over the last number of days), but around average for the time spent in bed versus time asleep.
  • Subjectively, my depression and anxiety where not high – but due to events did spike, though not horribly. It was a fairly average, stable day – at least from an internal perspective (e.g., barring external events invading my internal world, it is likely I wouldn’t have experienced any spike).


Not sure why I got off this weekend with the CES…but I should be back on track now and will hopefully stay consistent over the upcoming weekend as well. I also got a replacement blender (the cats destroyed my previous one) and started using Shakeology again today after perhaps a week break.

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