Fisher Wallace – Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulator – Day 2.6

Conflating Variables

  • I preached a sermon, which is always an exhausting affair for me, I frequently need a nap afterwards (which I find strange, b/c I enjoy preaching – even though the preparation can sometimes be difficult, I almost always enjoy preaching).
  • We had a church meeting afterwards which involved discussion with a fair sized group – and talking in groups can be tiring for me (though I didn’t feel tired during this meeting).
  • I did some paperwork for the divorce process – paperwork of this sort (legal/financial) is always stressful for me – I’m really bad with things like taxes – and so this is naturally bad for me, but it also raises up a lot of feelings that have been receding into the background. I began circling into depression.
  • I battled it with three hours on the recumbent.
  • I did not use the CES device today – in the morning things are always pressed preparing for church and in the evening I again collapsed into bed too tired.


  • I apparently also forgot to set my Fitbit to record my sleep, so there is no record of the quality of my sleep.
  • Subjectively, I was struggling pretty hard with depression and anxiety. I think my sleep was fairly normal.

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