Fisher Wallace – Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation – Day 2.8

Conflating Variables

  • I went to the dentist – I don’t like the dentist – I particularly don’t like when they are drilling holes in my teeth.
  • I spent two hours exercising on the recumbent.
  • I consumed a serving of Shakeology.
  • I used the CES in both morning and evening.


  • FitBit reports a sleep efficiency of 86%. This is the lowest  I have had thus far – by 7%.
    • It took me only 2 minutes to fall asleep (this is much quicker than usual).
    • I awoke during the night 30 times – this is up significantly, but still not as high as when I began at 35 times.
    • I spent 8 hrs. 29 mins. in bed, sleeping for 7 hrs. 18 min. – I’d say this means I spent roughly twice as much time as usual tossing and turning.
      • Interestingly, looking at the patterns, it appears that I was restless around 12 am, then again around 3 am, again around 5 am, and again around 7 am. This may be indicative that every time I exit a certain sleep cycle I have difficulty remaining asleep.
  • On the Goldberg Depression Screening Test I came out as a 38 (Moderate/Severe Depression). This remains steady from 2.4.
  • On the David Burns Anxiety Test I came back at 31. This places me just barely into the severe anxiety category. When I initially started testing I was a 36 (2.1), I went up to a 45 (2.4) and now back down to a 31 (2.8).
    • I’ll need more data before drawing any conclusions. It could be that my anxiety is decreasing, or it could be that my anxiety is cycle and that on day 2.1 I was coming into anxiety, on day 2.4 I reached the peak and day 2.8 was the low-point for anxiety. If this is the case, I can expect my anxiety to increase significantly within the next few days followed by another drop-off.
  • Subjectively, I don’t feel anxiety/depression about as many things/as generally – but there is now a long-running current which while less intense feels similarly disconcerting as the more intense, brief episodes of anxiety/depression.

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