Fisher Wallace – Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation – Day 2.9 (Thurs–>Fri)

Conflating Variables

  • Had a difficult phone conversation with someone questioning my decision to remain a pastor while being divorced – this was the second conversation in as many days.
  • Exercised for around 2.5 hrs. I’ve been trying to exercise 2 hrs. per day. It hasn’t been that much of a challenge recently – when I begin to feel really depressed, I exercise. It doesn’t make the depression better – but at least it is something productive I can do while I’m in the doldrums.
  • I go to bed early at 10:20 pm.
  • I used CES in both morning and evening.
  • I forgot to wear the FitBit on my arm, it was on my pants.


  • FitBit reports sleep efficiency of 96% – up significantly from last nights 86%.
    • Took me 6 min. to fall asleep – this is average.
    • I awoke only eight times during the night.
    • I spent 9 hrs. 18 min. in bed, slept for 8 hrs. 49 min. – this is around average difference between in-bed/sleep time.
    • Interestingly, my waking time was fairly isolated to a little before 2 am till around 2:30 or 2:45 am.
  • Subjectively, anxiety and depression are staying fairly constant.

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