Fisher Wallace – Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation – Day 2.17

Day 2.17 (Fri->Sat)

Conflating Variables

  • This was an extremely busy day, from morning until night I was going, going – and most of it was in meetings.
  • I was so exhausted that I did not end up exercising, I just went to bed.
  • I used CES both morning and night.


  • I slept through the night, unfortunately I must have accidentally turned my FitBit tracking off, so I don’t have any good data.
  • I had fairly extensive and involved dreams.  The dreams centered around repetitive/familiar themes.
  • My anxiety and depression did not spike significantly in spite of the rapid pace of the day, the tiring nature of meetings for me, and some bad news. I felt stressed, but not anxiety or depression. A couple days of this though, would probably result in a spike in my depression and perhaps anxiety.

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