I Exercised.

T-Shirt After Exercise
T-Shirt After Exercise

This is my shirt after riding my stationary bike for two hours – around 1.25 hrs. in I begin sweating profusely – which continues until I dismount at which time my body suddenly realizes it is no longer overheating and immediately begins complaining that I am wearing a soaking wet and freezing cold shirt.

I’ve been riding my bike almost every day for two hours for the last few months since my legs suddenly became whole again (after several years of issues).

Here are my complaints about exercise, please fix them:

  • I don’t like sweating.
  • I don’t like freezing.
  • I don’t like spending time exercising (this is boring!! I’ve mitigated a bit by watching TV/movies or reading at the same time).
  • I don’t like stretching (this is so boring!!).
  • I don’t like doing laundry (and I make a lot of laundry…can’t really wear above shirt again without smelling badly).
  • I don’t like showering twice in a single day (and no, you cannot take away my morning shower – this is a fixed rule which must be obeyed at least 355 out of 365 days per year).

Okay, so I don’t actually think there are solutions to my problems, but it is a free country, free internet – so I can gripe if I want to. 😛

P.S. I’m not sure how exercise affects my anxiety/depression. People oftentimes tell me, “exercising is as effective as medication” – which may be true for some, but not for me. Right now I’m feeling pretty good – but I have to attribute this to something other than exercise – as many periods of my life when I was most active was when my OCD was the worse (e.g., when I worked 8-10 hour days on field stones or when I never stopped working set-net fishing in Alaska).

P.P.S. Still, I’ll keep riding…

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