2 Weeks Later…

It has been fourteen days since I eliminated wheat from my diet and reduced dairy to negligible to none most days (I’ll admit, I’ve had some ice cream on occasion…). The data has gotten too lengthy to integrate directly into this page, but I’ve shared the Google Spreadsheet I’m now using to track things for anyone who is interested in seeing the actual numbers.

Honestly, I’m still not seeing any discernible patterns, at least in the areas I’ve been tracking. Subjectively I’d say my mood has been more depressed, my body becomes cold more easily, and I feel too fatigued to exercise many days.

Starting today I’m reducing the amount of time I spend exercising while diversifying my routine. I’m spending around 1.25 hrs. instead of 2 hrs. 1 hr. is now bicycling while the other 15 minutes is crunches, push ups, jumping jacks, squats, and lunges. I’m using the seven minute workout exercises as the basis for this latter part – though I’m not following the routine or the timing. I will probably add additional exercises from the seven minute routine in as time goes on – e.g., wall sit, high knees, and plank.

My brain feels clearer and quieter than it oftentimes does, but it also feels less capable…though I’m not seeing any big shifts in my capabilities as measured by Lumosity – which I do most days.

I’m not sure how long I’m going to continue this…I’m thinking at least a month…I’ve gotten pretty used to not eating wheat and have found enough substitutes…and since I use almond milk, avoiding dairy has become extremely easy – though I do miss yogurts.

I think my diet is fairly healthy. I eat a lot of rice baked products – including rice cakes – topped with peanut butter, jelly, or honey – I eat various rice and corn based cereals and I consume a lot of salad, carrots, and apples. I also eat mixed nuts for additional protein.

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