Another Holiday, Another Heart Attack.

I’ve been doing really well as far as my anxiety, depression, ADD, stress levels, and so on go since leaving Cairn Univ. at the end of January and launching full-time into the pastorate. There are numerous reasons for this including a significantly reduced workload. In any case, this last week… Continue reading

What Makes Me Anxious.

I’m feeling a good bit of anxiety right now. I don’t express it, I kind of stuff it down. Some would tell me that I should express it – and I suppose that is what I am doing right now…but I think sometimes folks don’t understand the nature of this… Continue reading

A Dark Darkness.

I’ve been ill for the past number of weeks – an auto-immune disorder of some form or another. I was placed on steroids (prednisone) to assist with the inflammation and rashes (which worked miracles as usual). When I take steroids they also cause an immediate and complete lift of my… Continue reading

In the Depths of Torment.

Introduction Tonight I went back and read through some early journals I had written. In some ways I am a very different person from who I was then, in some ways I am very much the same. I came across this particular entry which I wanted to share…I think it… Continue reading

Contemplating Unhealthy Brain Activity and Routines in My Life.

One theory about mental disorders indicates that the issue (at least in some folks) may be caused by over-activity or under-activity in certain portions of the brain. I have read of OCD and ADD being analogized as the “overheating” of the brain. In the sense of OCD this seems somewhat… Continue reading

Hanging In…

Despite all the coping skills I have learned over the years, sometimes my mental health takes a precipitous ride down the crapper – now would be one of those times. I’ve been struggling hardcore with depression for the last few weeks. It comes on in waves, hitting me like a… Continue reading

Thoughts on Animal Hoarding.

Today I saw a story on Yahoo! about a retired teacher, Stephanie Sinkin, who was hoarding cats. The police and SPCA have found twenty living but extremely malnourished cats and five dead cats – and expect to find more dead cats on a secondary sweep of the house. I have… Continue reading