Days 36-42 – Wellbutrin & Fluoxetine.

It has been quite a while since I last logged. Anyone want to guess why? I’ll give you a hint, it is related to why I usually “fall off” the face of the earth. [10/3] I spend half the day doing IT consulting. I spend part of the day working… Continue reading

Days 34 & 35 – Wellbutrin & Fluoxetine.

[10/1] Tuesday I drove Jonah and Leslie to the Trenton train station so they could ride the train into NYC. Shortly thereafter I received a call from Jon Hui – who has always been much more faithful in contacting me and maintaining our friendship than I have been in response.… Continue reading

Day 33 – Wellbutrin & Fluoxetine

[9/30] While I was more stable Sunday evening, I was still feeling an underlying off-kilter. My legs were bothering me and I couldn’t fall asleep. I went grocery shopping at Redner’s at 1:30 am. A counselor had suggested that supplementing my magnesium might help with the insomnia – and I… Continue reading

Days 28, 29, 30 – Fluoxetine & Wellbutrin.

[9/25, 9/26, 9/27] I’ve continued taking my medications at their usual dosages, but the last few days have continued to be rough for me. Again, it is not so much a return to a dark depression as it is an absence of the lightness I had been feeling. I’ve been… Continue reading

Day 24 – Fluoxetine & Wellbutrin

Saturday (9/21) I only woke once during the night and was able to fall asleep again within 30 mins. Then it was up at 8:15 am and go, go, go. First it was preparations for the baptism service, then performing the baptism service. I think it went well – and… Continue reading

Day 23 – Fluoxetine & Wellbutrin.

I slept from 11:45 pm on 9/19 (Thursday) but awoke at 2:15 am 9/20 (Friday). Blah. I was up until 3 am – which wasn’t too bad, but woke up again at 6 am and was up until 6:45 am. I did office work throughout the day – a decent… Continue reading

Day 22 – Fluoxetine & Wellbutrin.

I went to sleep at 1 am. In the morning I had a meeting with Cassandra and Cayla to discuss marketing endeavors for the church – this was productive – and I am very thankful for the many gifted and committed individuals Christ has put at CCC. We may be… Continue reading

Day 21 – Fluoxetine & Wellbutrin.

On Wednesday (9/18) I had pretty bad insomnia. I tried to sleep from 12 am – 2:20 am, but mainly tossed and turned. I ended up staying up until 4:30 am. I woke up again for the day at 8 am. I’ve been working on resolving some issues with some… Continue reading

Day 20 – Fluoxetine & Wellbutrin.

Tuesday (Sept. 17th) I started off the day with a great breakfast (thanks to Charity) shared with Charity, Jonah, Paul, and Kiki. I spent the rest of the day running around accomplishing various tasks. In the evening Jonah and I watched a movie and then I did some IT consulting… Continue reading

Day 19 – Fluoxetine & Wellbutrin.

Monday (9/16) was a good, busy day. I spoke at a Cairn University chapel in the morning and stopped in at TS to catch up briefly with my former co-workers. In the afternoon I worked on the Nomads lesson – chapter 10 of the Lost Princess. Nomads went well. Woo… Continue reading