Day 1 – Fisher Wallace CES Journal.

I received my Fisher Wallace Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulator yesterday afternoon in the mail. I utilized it in the evening and now today (Thursday, July 11th) is my first full day utilizing the stimulator. I’m going to try and keep detailed records of my experiences, especially regarding my mood and any side effects I might experience. …

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I Cry Out

Round one wasn’t what I thought it’d be Round two I’m struggling to breath 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 times I wondered why I stepped inside this ring I may be knocked down and bruised But I’m here to tell you That I may be knocked down but not for the count 1,2,3,4 So take …

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Walking Wounded

“In depression…faith in deliverance, in ultimate restoration, is absent. The pain is unrelenting, and what makes the condition intolerable is the foreknowledge that no remedy will come–not in a day, an hour, a month, or a minute. If there is mild relief, one knows that it is only temporary; more pain will follow. It is …

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