When the Zombies Keep Coming.

Sleep settled on me before I wanted it to – 11:30 pm. Then released me from its grasp before I desired – 2 am. It refuses to return for several hours, begrudgingly settling over me at 6 am. Having insomnia is frustrating, having it with zombies only amplifies this frustration.… Continue reading

Five Weeks of Light Therapy

Introduction I’ve been blogging over the last number of weeks about my experiences with light therapy. I now have six full weeks of data – one week demonstrating what was a typical pre-light therapy nap pattern and the other five post-light therapy nap pattern. The aggregate data seems to indicate… Continue reading

Oooohhh, that Makes Me So MAD!

I feel so angry right now…and I’m trying to practice acceptance…I’m trying to accept that this is just the way it is, that I can work towards a different tomorrow, but that I can’t change the past. That I have to accept my limitations and while I want to overcome… Continue reading

Week 2: On Light Therapy

Introduction I recently blogged about my first week or so on light therapy using a light box. There were some impressive improvements – the time I spent napping was cut by over 50% as were the number of naps I took. This week provides some less optimistic, but still positive,… Continue reading

Is This What Normal Feels Like?

I’ve struggled throughout my life with OCD – for which I now take 60 mg daily of Prozac. I’ve struggled with ADD – for which I now take 20 mg daily of Adderall XR (extended release). I’ve struggled with dysthymia and major depressive episodes – for which I now take… Continue reading

Do I Feel Better?

A little refresher: On Monday (4/14) I decided to test how my body reacted to consumption of a significant amount of sugar. I found that other than my blood glucose levels going through the roof for a few hours it didn’t have any noticeable effect. I didn’t experience a boost… Continue reading

A Small Experiment with Blood and Sugar.

I know, I know, this is a little weird – but I don’t have diabetes and I do sometimes check my blood glucose levels…Here is what they have looked like over the past week:1I think all the times are off by almost one hour – so the real times are… Continue reading

Acceptance and Endeavor

Why I Try I saw my psychiatrist last Friday. I drive forty-five minutes into Philadelphia to see him, and then an hour or more back out (rush hour seems to begin earlier and earlier these days). For those who know me – this is a lot of travel…but improving my… Continue reading

Fisher Wallace – Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation – A Lot of Days

I haven’t been recording for a while. It looks like my last entry was for the 26th-27th of January (2.19), that means nothing for the 27th-28th (2.20), 28th-29th (2.21), 29th-30th (2.22), 30th-31st (2.23), 31st-1st (2.24), 1st-2nd (2.25), 2nd-3rd (2.26). Today is the 3rd to 4th (2.27). The churches’ annual congregational… Continue reading

Fisher Wallace – Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation – Days 2.18, 2.19

Day 2.18 (Sat->Sun) Conflating Variables I exercised for nearly three hours, I was struggling with some depression. I did preparations for Sunday morning, which while I enjoy can also be intense. I used the CES both morning and night. Results FitBit reports that I was “in bed” for 8 hrs.… Continue reading