Additional Resources

Here I’ve compiled some resources I believe may be helpful to those suffering from depression. I’ve segmented them into general resources and those specifically focused on depression amongst Christians.

General Resources:

  • Kramer, Peter. Against Depression. A powerful book on scientific research relating to the biological/physiological nature of depression and arguing against the view that gives depression almost an honored status.
  • National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Depression Brochure. This is a great, fairly concise introduction to what depression is, how it is treated, and so on. Brochure is a bit deceptive – as it is more of a booklet. Can be read online – read this first if you are just diving into the topic.
  • Mayo Clinic. Depression (major depression). A good overview article on the nature of depression and its treatment. An introductory/overview article.

Christian Resources:

  • Bloom, John. What I Learned in a Spiritual Storm. A short article by Desiring God’s Bloom on a personal experience with depression and a crisis in faith. Bloom both offers validation for this experience occurring to the Christian and means of weathering the storm.
  • Spurgeon, Charles H. Spurgeon’s Lectures to His Students. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, Chapter XI. The Minister’s Fainting Fits. While focused primarily on the struggles with depression likely to face a minister, its admonitions are encouraging and enlightening to all.