I’m not a medical expert, but I am a sufferer, and as such I’d like to share with you the various treatment options I am aware of and those that have worked for me.

  • See a Psychiatrist! – Depending on the severity of one’s depression one may be able to see a normal physician. Either way there are many medications on the market which a doctor can prescribe which can help correct the chemical imbalances that can be behind a depressive episode.
  • See a Counselor! – If medication does not correct depression, or if the depression returns one might want to speak to a counselor. Sometimes there are thought patterns in our lives or habits that we have that cause us to place ourselves into situations that are depression prone. Speaking with a counselor can help expose these bad thought or action patterns.

Besides these two main treatment options I personally have found the following extremely helpful:

  • Pets – I have four cats – Barclay, Hermione, Piper, and George. I use my computer a lot (I’m a geek) but as I do so I let them sit on my lap and they bring great comfort and joy to me.
  • Humor – I like to keep myself on a steady diet of humor. Funny movies, comedians, or laughing about my own life experiences are all good for me.
  • Exercise – Getting up and doing something can make us feel better about ourselves. I like to play basketball on a weekly basis and perform chores around the house.
  • In the Moment – Learning to live in the present moment rather than becoming overwhelmed by what has or might happen to me. Not looking back at the hours that are now gone that I did nothing but be depressed, instead taking the opportunity right now to do something, love someone, be someone.