OCD Research


  • OCD, One Disorder, Various Existential Realities: From ‘Michael Kohlhaas’ to ‘La Miglioreofferta’, Psychopatholical Changes Over a Century.” Psychiatria Danubina, 2014 26 Suppl 1:66-70. – Findings: Only an abstract is available. It seems the article is concerned with changing perspectives on the nature of OCD in the arts with the progression from modern to postmodern thought.
  • Common Obsessions in OCD.”1Kevin Bolon. Mental Health Matters, 2014 Nov. Vol. 1 Issue 3, pp. 39-42. – Findings: It is unclear what the article finds or studies as the abstract seems to be a clipping from the article with little relevance to the overall nature of the article.


1 Kevin Bolon.

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