Additional Resources

In this section I’ve collected different resources that are specifically aimed at the religiously compulsive individual. It would also be helpful to check out the resources I have provided (a different set of resources) under General OCD.



  • Luther. PG-13. MGM, 2004. An amazing, high-quality film that tells the life of Protestant Reformer Martin Luther. Amazingly powerful in its portrayal of Luther’s own struggles with what seems to be religious scrupulosity and the eventual freedom he finds in the grace of God.


  • The Scrupe Group. This is one of the essential websites for anyone suffering from scrupulosity. It is a well established Yahoo! Group where one can share and be encouraged by others who are struggling with scrupulosity.
  • Liguori Publications. Scrupulous Anonymous. A Catholic ministry which includes a monthly newsletter that ministers to those suffering with scrupulosity. This is one of the most helpful resources available – to Protestants and Catholics. All of the newsletters are available and archived online for free.
  • Delany, Joseph F., tr. Douglas J. Potter. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume XIII. “Scruple.” 1912. A fascinating article which shows the depths with which Catholicism has both experienced and reflected upon scrupulosity.
  • Watkins, Carol E. Scrupulosity: Religious Obsessions and Compulsions. Baltimore, MD: Northern County Psychiatric Associates, 2004.- Dr. Watkins focuses in this article on scrupulosity, a manifestation of OCD common amongst religious adherents.
  • Santa, Thomas M. Ten Commandments for the Scrupulous. Liguori Publications. Santa (C.SS.R) compiles not only his own thoughts but also the work of Father Don Miller (C.SS.R.), Father Dan Lowery, and Father Pat Kaler on ten commandments for individuals suffering from scrupulosity. A very readable list for those suffering from scrupulosity, especially those from a Catholic background.