Day 4 – Fisher Wallace CES Journal

7/14 – 2 PM Report Still devastated, I do not expect the CES to relieve this suffering, but I’ll keep using it. Maybe it will help somehow – even if it is just that eventually, when this situational pain diminishes it will be effective and diminishing the underlying, continual pain.… Continue reading

Day 2 – Fisher Wallace CES Journal.

This is my second full day utilizing CES, I’m continuing my endeavor to keep a detail record of my experiences – especially regarding mood and side effects. 7/12 – 9:30 am Report I had breakfast with my brother, Paul, and so didn’t begin using the CES device until around 9:30… Continue reading

Day 1 – Fisher Wallace CES Journal.

I received my Fisher Wallace Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulator yesterday afternoon in the mail. I utilized it in the evening and now today (Thursday, July 11th) is my first full day utilizing the stimulator. I’m going to try and keep detailed records of my experiences, especially regarding my mood and any… Continue reading