Encouragement for the Hopeless

A Christian author/speaker/teacher I respect is Kenneth Boa. He has written a number of useful books for Christians and offers up many of his materials for free via the web. I recently stumbled upon one of his quotes I find encouraging when I feel overwhelmed with the tasks God has… Continue reading

Why It Is So Hard

It seems that the majority of individuals experience a baseline of peace in their lives which is intermittently punctured by tragic loss. I experience a baseline of pain with infrequent spikes of peace and intermittent punctures of tragic loss. This makes the tragic losses that much more difficult to survive.… Continue reading

I Cry Out

Round one wasn’t what I thought it’d be Round two I’m struggling to breath 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 times I wondered why I stepped inside this ring I may be knocked down and bruised But I’m here to tell you That I may be knocked down but not for… Continue reading