Five Weeks of Light Therapy

Introduction I’ve been blogging over the last number of weeks about my experiences with light therapy. I now have six full weeks of data – one week demonstrating what was a typical pre-light therapy nap pattern and the other five post-light therapy nap pattern. The aggregate data seems to indicate… Continue reading

Day 36 (8/15) – Fisher Wallace CES Stimulator Report.

I took the day off. I was doing okay emotionally – but I felt any additional burden would probably drop me into the pits. I used the CES in the morning, by 10:45 am I was tired and took a nap (1 hr.), I’d take two more naps (2:30 pm… Continue reading

Day 12 – Fisher Wallace CES Stimulator

7/22 – 8:30 AM Report I took clonazepam, as I knew I’d have problems falling asleep and I slept restfully throughout the night. I gave myself a self-imposed ultimatum to try and pull it together and “get back on the horse” today – and things begin to a good start.… Continue reading